Stéphane SIFFERT


Team : Catalytic Treatment and Clean Energy (TCEP)


Stéphane SIFFERT


Université Littoral Cote d’Opale

145 Avenue Maurice Schuman

59140 Dunkerque

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 logo-cv2.jpg  Stéphane Siffert was born in Mulhouse (France) in 1969. He obtained his PhD in chemistry (catalysis) in 1997 at the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg under the direction of F. Garin on « Catalytic Reactivity of Pt-Beta zeolite system vis-a-vis skeletal rearrangement reactions hexanes « . After a Temporary Attaché position of Teaching and Research in Strasbourg, it will make a postdoctoral year at the University of Namur (Belgium) in Materials Chemistry Laboratory of Inorganic led B.-L. Su. In 1998, he became Assistant Professor at the University of the Littoral Cote d’Opale, where he launched the research theme on the catalytic treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Environment (LCE, EA 2598).

In 2006, he supports his HDR entitled « Study of porous materials, active phases of host compounds for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds. » In 2007 he was promotes Professor. Since 2010, when the LCE has partnered with two other laboratories ULCO to form UCEIV (EA 4492), he leads the team « Treatment Catalytic and Clean Energy » (7 EC 1 IE).

His research on the catalytic treatment of air pollutants: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and soot. He studied also the purification and recovery of CO2 and the removal of organic contaminants from water by Fenton and PhotoFenton using solid catalysts in connection with the CS team.


Bibliometric informations (ISI Web of Knowledge – march 2016) :

Web of Science articles number :     88

h-index:                                       24

Citations number:               1590

Key Publications :

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