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Université Littoral Cote d’Opale

145 Avenue Maurice Schuman

59140 Dunkerque

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logo-cv2.jpgNative from Brittany (born in Lannion in the Côtes d’Armor in 1980), Steven Ruellan followed a multidisciplinary curriculum at the University of Rennes 1 until a master research Molecular Chemistry in 2004 and a professional Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and quality Control in 2005. He became, in December 2006, study engineer in the Organic Synthesis Laboratory Environment (LSOE) University of the Littoral Opal Coast (ULCO), and since January 2010 in the Environmental Chemistry Unit and Interaction on the Living (UCEIV).

Research Area :

  • Development methodologies NMR applications in connection with the thematic analytical team (t-ROESY, DOSY, …) ; technical management and maintenance of the NMR spectrometer Bruker Avance III 400 MHz.
  • Development of organic materials for the trapping and detection of pollutants.
  • Development of organic materials for the trapping and detection of pollutants.

Key Publications :

  • M. Kfoury, L. Auezova, H. Greige-Gerges, S. Ruellan, S. Fourmentin: Cyclodextrin, an efficient tool for trans-anethole encapsulation: Chromatographic, spectroscopic, thermal and structural studies, Food Chem., 164, 454-461, 2014. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.05.052
  • A. Ciobanu, S. Ruellan, I. Mallard, D. Landy, C. Gennequin, S. Siffert, S. Fourmentin : Cyclodextrin-intercalated layered double hydroxides for fragrance release, J. Incl. Phenom. Macro. Chem., 2013, 75 (3-4), 333-339.
  • P.-E. Danjou, J. Lyskawaa, F. Delattre, M. Becuwe, P. Woisel, S. Ruellan, S. Fourmentin, F. Cazier-Dennin : New fluorescent and electropolymerisable N-azacrown carbazole as a selective probe for iron (III) in aqueous media, Sens. Actuators, B, 2012, 171-172, 1022-1028.
  • M. Becuwe, F. Cazier, F. Delattre, D. Landy, S. Ruellan, P. Woisel, Influence of the post-grafting processes on the morphology of hybrid materials based on pyrogenic silica, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Vol 384, Issue 1-3, 2011, Page 248-253.