Chemistry and Toxicology of Atmospheric Emissions (CTEA)

logo-ctea.bmpOur research focuses on the evaluation of the exposure level to airborne particles (PM10, PM2,5, ultra-fines) and the study of toxic effects in humans, particularly upon the respiratory system.

Team leader : Dominique COURCOT

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Plant-Fungus Interactions and Remediation (IPCR)

oidium.jpgThe Plant-Fungus Interactions and Remediation team is specifically involved in biochemistry and microbial ecology complementary approaches. We also perform studies focusing on obligate biotrophic fungi and lipid metabolism involved in plant-fungi interactions.

Team leader : Philippe REIGNAULT

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Supramolecular Chemistry (CS)

modelisation.jpgOur researches focus on the development and use of cage compounds (cyclodextrins, crown ethers) for the complexation and detection of organic and inorganic compounds.

Team leader : Sophie FOURMENTIN

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Catalytic Treatment and Clean Energy (TCEP)

logo-tcep.bmpThe main theme of the team is about « heterogeneous catalysis applied to the environment. » The catalytic remediation is explored for (1) the removal of air pollutants, and (2) the proposed alternatives for the production of clean energy.

Team leader : Stéphane SIFFERT